About the Open Cyclodextrin databases

The Open Cyclodextrin databases is an open-source chemical database that allows searching and free access to published association constants of various guest molecules with cyclodextrins. The Open Cyclodextrin databases has a machine learning-based tool to predict association constants between guest molecules and cyclodextrins. The Open Cyclodextrin databases is an open and collaborative database, allowing all researchers to add their published data which are verified by moderators.

OCdb use the following open source projects:
  • Django - Python web framework, which serves as a base for OpenMolDB
  • OpenBabel/pybel - Chemistry toolkit with Python bindings
  • jQuery - JavaScript library
  • ChemDoodle Web - JavaScript chemical library, which handles the display and drawing of chemical structures
  • Flot - jQuery plugin for plotting
  • Bootstrap - CSS framework
  • Font Awesome


OCdb is developed in the framework of ANR VIVA (Projet-ANR-20-THIA-0004) and supported by :